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LAB-TECH INTERNATIONAL stands as India’s foremost exporter of scientific laboratory equipment, annually dispatching over 600 containers brimming with a wide array of labware. Our product range encompasses interchangeable, volumetric, filtration, and general labware meticulously crafted to adhere to ISO, ASTM, DIN, USP, and NABL standards. In addition to glassware, we offer a diverse selection of allied products and accessories essential for laboratory operations, including plasticware, rubberware, metalware, liquid handling instruments, and hot plate stirrers.

Quality Glassware Solutions for Every Lab Need

At LAB-TECH INTERNATIONAL, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line laboratory glassware for professionals across various scientific fields. Whether you’re conducting groundbreaking research, performing meticulous experiments, or teaching the next generation of scientists, we understand the importance of reliable, high-quality glassware in your work.

Our extensive catalog features a wide range of laboratory glassware products, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of modern scientific inquiry. From beakers and flasks to pipettes and burettes, each item in our collection is designed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring accurate results and long-lasting performance.

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Queries Addressed Frequently to commonly asked questions here.

We expect your minimum orders to be of at least US$ 500. However, we understand that customers need to place smaller sample orders in the beginning in order to test market our products. Samples against cost are available on request.

Please select the relevant product from our extensive product range and mention the product name/ID/specifications as per your requirements in the feedback form.

Send on your request. For any inquiry or information email us at info@labtechexport.com

You can Contact Labtech by E-mail, Fax, Phone or Post. If you wish to have a Quotation, Price List or Catalogue of any particular item, please use feedback form . You are welcome to contact us for any other information here.

All payment should be made in US dollars, unless otherwise specified in the quotation sent to you. We give the following options for payment: Full Advance Payment: This method is most convenient for small orders as it minimizes the bank charges involved in other methods of payment. You may send payment by Check or Bank Draft favoring Labtech Laboratory Equipment to our postal address, or, you may send Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Wire Transfer to our Bankers under intimation to us. Part Payment in Advance: For larger orders, we expect that you send 25% value in advance. Balance payment is payable against delivery of documents through your bank. This method involves Bank Charges which are payable by the buyer. Letter of Credit: We expect Sight Letter of Credit against bulk orders. This method involves considerable Bank charges. All Bank Charges as per the terms of Letter of Credit, must be to the account of the buyer.

Please select the relevant product from our extensive product range and mention the product name/ID/specifications as per your requirements in the feedback form.

Of course, our products are DIN/ISO certified.

Normal mode of shipment are – “Sea Freight” and “Air Freight”. However we also use Air Post Parcel, Sea Post Parcel, Courier, etc. upon special requests from customers. It is your option to ask for prices inclusive of shipping costs or we can send the goods on “Freight To Pay basis”. The shipping charges vary according to the size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. C.I.F. rates are quoted if you inform us the exact quantity, destination and mode of dispatch preferred by you.

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Product Catalog

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The quality management system at LAB-TECH INTERNATIONAL is ISO 9001:2015 certified
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