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  • Three stems sealed 90 apart to form a T.
  • Supplied with solid glass plug having a T-shaped bore so that any two or all three stems can be connected at one time.
Part no. STOPCOCK SIZE BORE OF PLUG mm Diameter Of Plug At Centre mm Length Of Barrel mm Outside Diameter of stems mm Pack Qty.
1600-15 2 15.2 30 8 10
1600-16 4 16 35 10 10
1600-24 6 24 40 16 10


  1. Laboratory Glassware:
    • Stopcocks with a 1:5 T-bore, T-shape, and PTFE plug are fundamental components of laboratory glassware setups, providing precise control over the flow of liquids or gases in various experimental procedures.
  2. Chemical Synthesis:
    • These stopcocks are used in chemical synthesis processes to control the addition of reagents, the flow of reactants, or the collection of reaction products with precision.
  3. Titration Procedures:
    • In titration experiments, T-bore stopcocks with a 1:5 ratio and PTFE plug are used to control the flow of titrant during the titration process, ensuring accurate and controlled addition.
  4. Liquid Chromatography (LC):
    • These stopcocks can be integrated into liquid chromatography systems to control the flow of mobile phases or eluents during separation processes.
  5. Gas Chromatography (GC):
    • In gas chromatography setups, T-bore stopcocks are utilized to control the flow of carrier gases, samples, or other gases within the system.
  6. Reaction Setups:
    • T-bore stopcocks with PTFE plugs are used in experimental setups where precise control of the addition or mixing of reactants is required, and the T-shape configuration allows for versatile applications.
  7. Vacuum Filtration:
    • The T-shape configuration allows for more complex fluid control, making these stopcocks suitable for vacuum filtration setups where the control of multiple fluid paths is necessary.
  8. Analytical Chemistry:
    • In analytical chemistry experiments, these stopcocks are used to control the flow of solutions during sample preparation or analysis.
  9. Quality Control Processes:
    • Stopcocks with a 1:5 T-bore, T-shape, and PTFE plug are used in quality control procedures to precisely control the addition of standards, reagents, or solutions during analytical testing.
  10. Standardization of Glassware:
    • Compliance with ASTM standards ensures that the stopcocks meet specific quality and safety criteria, contributing to the standardization of laboratory glassware.
  11. Educational Demonstrations:
    • These stopcocks are used in educational settings to demonstrate principles of fluid control and precision in laboratory experiments, especially in setups involving T-shaped fluid control.
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