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  • Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Rota flow
Part no. Bore Range mm Outside Diameter of Stems mm Pack Qty.
1710-8 0-3 8 10
1710-10 0-6 10 10
1710-13 0-10 13 10

Here are some common uses for stopcocks with needle valves in a right-angle 90° design with a High Precision (HP) designation:

  1. Titration Experiments:
    • Burettes or other glassware equipped with needle valve stopcocks in a right-angle 90° HP configuration are used in titration experiments where the highest level of precision in titrant addition is required.
  2. Quantitative Analysis:
    • In analytical chemistry, particularly during quantitative analysis, these stopcocks are essential for delivering extremely precise volumes of titrant to determine the concentration of a substance in a solution.
  3. Chemical Synthesis:
    • Needle valve stopcocks with a right-angle 90° HP design are employed in chemical synthesis processes where controlled addition of a reagent is required with an exceptional level of accuracy, especially in setups requiring a right-angle connection.
  4. Quality Control:
    • Industries, especially those requiring strict quality control, use stopcocks with high precision needle valves for accurate volume measurements in various analytical procedures, including those requiring right-angle connections.
  5. Research Applications:
    • High-precision stopcocks with a right-angle 90° design are used in various research applications where the utmost precision in volumetric measurements is required for experimentation, particularly in setups where a right-angle connection is advantageous.
  6. Calibration Procedures:
    • These stopcocks are employed in the calibration of laboratory equipment, ensuring that volumetric measurements are extremely accurate and reliable, even in systems requiring right-angle connections.
  7. Microscale Chemistry:
    • In microscale chemistry experiments where small quantities of reagents are used, the high precision of the needle valve design, combined with the right-angle configuration, is crucial for accurate control.
  8. Standardization of Solutions:
    • High-precision needle valve stopcocks with a right-angle 90° configuration are utilized in the standardization of solutions, ensuring an exceptionally accurate determination of the concentration of a solution, particularly in systems requiring a right-angle connection.
  9. pH Titration:
    • In pH titrations, where the endpoint is determined by a change in pH, needle valve stopcocks with high precision and a right-angle 90° design play a critical role in achieving extremely accurate and reliable results.
  10. Educational Laboratories:
    • High-precision needle valve stopcocks with a right-angle 90° configuration are used in advanced educational laboratories for teaching advanced titration techniques and principles of volumetric analysis.
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