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1930-24M 24/40 10

The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Vacuum Adapter Bend is a specific piece of lab glassware designed for various laboratory applications. Here’s a brief overview of its potential uses:

  1. Vacuum Filtration: The ASTM Vacuum Adapter Bend is commonly used in vacuum filtration setups. It allows for the attachment of a vacuum source to facilitate the filtration of liquids, separating solids from liquids through a filter medium.
  2. Chemical Reactions: It can be employed in chemical reactions that require a vacuum environment. The adapter bend provides a connection point for a vacuum source to control pressure conditions during reactions.
  3. Distillation: In certain distillation setups, the ASTM Vacuum Adapter Bend may be utilized to connect the distillation apparatus to a vacuum source. This is particularly useful in processes where distillation under reduced pressure is required.
  4. Sample Evaporation: The vacuum adapter bend can be part of a setup for sample evaporation under reduced pressure. This is crucial when working with heat-sensitive compounds that may degrade at higher temperatures.
  5. Solvent Removal: In processes where solvents need to be removed under reduced pressure, the ASTM Vacuum Adapter Bend can be integrated into the apparatus to facilitate efficient solvent removal.
  6. Drying Operations: It may be employed in drying operations where a vacuum is used to speed up the removal of residual liquids from a sample.
  7. Laboratory Research: The adapter bend is versatile and finds application in various laboratory research scenarios where creating a vacuum or controlling pressure is necessary for specific experimental conditions.
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