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  • Complies with DIN 12594
  • With Drip Tip
  • With Thermometer Socket
  • Used in distillation assembly for connecting flask to condenser

* non DIN / ISO

PART No. NS FEMALE size NS MALE size to fit flask MALE size to fit condenser Pack(Qty)
2490-14F14M 14/23 14/23 14/23 10
2490-14F19M 14/23 19/26 19/26 10
2490-14F24M 14/23* 24/29 19/26 10
2490-14F29M 14/23 29/32 19/26 10
2490-14F34M 14/23* 34/35 19/26 10
2490-14F24M-A 14/23* 24/29 24/29 10
2490-14F34M-A 14/23* 34/35 24/29 10
2490-14F29M-A 14/23* 29/32 24/29 10
2490-14F29M-B 14/23* 29/32 29/32 10
2490-14F34M-B 14/23* 34/35 29/32 10

Here are some common uses for a Still Head Plain DIN in a laboratory:

  1. Distillation Setups: The Still Head is commonly used in distillation apparatus. It connects the boiling flask to the condenser, allowing for the separation and collection of components based on their boiling points.
  2. Simple Distillations: For straightforward distillation processes where there is no need for fractionation or specialized features, the Still Head Plain DIN provides a basic connection between the boiling flask and the condenser.
  3. Chemical Synthesis: The Still Head can be employed in various chemical synthesis processes where distillation or separation of components is required.
  4. Solvent Recovery: In setups involving the recovery of solvents through distillation, the Still Head Plain DIN can be used to connect the boiling flask to the solvent recovery system.
  5. Laboratory Scale-Up: In laboratory-scale processes that involve scaling up reactions or distillations, the Still Head can be part of larger setups to accommodate larger quantities of substances.
  6. Reflux Setups: The Still Head can be used in reflux setups where the vapors produced during a reaction are condensed and returned to the reaction flask, preventing the loss of volatile components.
  7. Vacuum Distillation: It may be employed in vacuum distillation setups where reduced pressure is used to lower the boiling points of substances, allowing for distillation at lower temperatures.
  8. Fractional Distillation: While the term “Plain” suggests a basic design, the Still Head may still be used in simple fractional distillation setups where some separation of components based on boiling points is desired.
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