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3300-Volumetric Pipettes 1 mark, Class AS, Batch Certificate, USP


3300-Volumetric Pipettes 1 mark, Class AS, Batch Certificate, USP

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  • Compliance with USP standard
  • With Batch Certificate
  • Printed in amber color
PART No. Capacity (ml) ± Tol (ml) Colour of Coding Band Pack QTY.
3300-0.5 0.5 0.006 2 Black 10
3300-1 1 0.006 Blue 10
3300-2 2 0.006 Orange 10
3300-3 3 0.010 Black 10
3300-4 4 0.010 2 Red 10
3300-5 5 0.010 White 10
3300-6 6 0.010 2 Orange 10
3300-7 7 0.010 2 Green 10
3300-8 8 0.020 Blue 10
3300-9 9 0.020 Black 10
3300-10 10 0.020 Red 10
3300-15 15 0.030 Green 10
3300-20 20 0.030 Yellow 10
3300-25 25 0.030 Blue 10
3300-30 30 0.030 Black 10
3300-40 40 0.050 White 10
3300-50 50 0.050 Red 10
3300-100 100 0.080 Yellow 10

Here are some common uses for Volumetric Pipettes with these specifications:

    1. Pharmaceutical Formulation: These pipettes are used in pharmaceutical laboratories for the preparation of precise volumes of solutions with known concentrations during the formulation of pharmaceutical drugs. The batch certificate ensures that the pipettes meet quality standards.
    2. Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Production: Volumetric pipettes with a batch certificate are employed in quality control processes within pharmaceutical production facilities. The batch certificate provides assurance that a specific batch of pipettes meets the required accuracy and precision criteria.
    3. Analytical Chemistry: In analytical chemistry laboratories, these pipettes are essential for high-precision volumetric measurements in quantitative analysis, titrations, and other analytical procedures where accuracy is critical.
    4. USP Compliance: The use of pipettes conforming to USP standards ensures compliance with the specifications outlined in the United States Pharmacopeia, which is particularly important in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
    5. Clinical Laboratories: These pipettes are utilized in clinical laboratories for accurate and precise liquid measurements, including sample preparation, chemical analyses, and medical diagnostic procedures.
    6. Reference Standards: Volumetric pipettes with batch certificates can serve as reference standards in laboratories, providing assurance that the entire batch meets the required accuracy standards.
    7. Laboratory Accreditation: Laboratories seeking accreditation may use pipettes with batch certificates as part of their quality management system, demonstrating that the pipettes meet the specified accuracy criteria.
    8. Research and Development: Scientists and researchers in various fields, including pharmaceutical research, use these pipettes for developing new methods, conducting experiments, and ensuring the accuracy of laboratory results.
    9. Environmental Monitoring: In environmental laboratories, these pipettes may be used for preparing standard solutions and conducting precise measurements in water quality testing, pollution monitoring, and related analyses.
    10. Educational Purposes: Volumetric Pipettes with a 1-mark specification, Class AS, and batch certificates can be used in educational institutions for teaching students about high-precision liquid handling and laboratory techniques.
    11. Calibration Standards: These pipettes may serve as calibration standards for other measuring instruments in the laboratory, contributing to the overall accuracy of the measurement system.
    12. Chemical and Biotechnological Research: Pipettes meeting these specifications are suitable for various applications in chemical and biotechnological research, where precision and accuracy are critical.
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