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5080-Bottles, Clear Dropping with Dropper


5080-Bottles, Clear Dropping with Dropper

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  • Made From chemical Resistant glass
  • These bottles come with interchangeable ground joint with dropper and rubber teat.
PART  No. Capacity (ml) PACK Qty.
5080-30 30 10
5080-60 60 10
5080-120 120 10
5080-250 250 10

Let’s explore their potential uses:

  1. Laboratory Applications:
    • In scientific laboratories, these bottles are commonly used for dispensing reagents, chemicals, or solutions dropwise. This controlled dispensing is crucial for precise measurements in experiments.
  2. Pharmaceutical Uses:
    • Pharmaceutical industries often use clear dropping bottles for the precise dispensing of medicines, tinctures, or liquid formulations. The dropper allows for accurate dosing, especially for medications where small quantities are required.
  3. Cosmetic and Skincare Products:
    • Clear dropping bottles with droppers are used in the cosmetic and skincare industry for packaging and dispensing various liquid products, such as essential oils, serums, or concentrated solutions.
  4. Chemical and Biotechnological Applications:
    • These bottles are employed in chemical and biotechnological laboratories for applications such as titrations, where controlled addition of one substance to another is critical.
  5. Educational Settings:
    • Clear dropping bottles are often used in educational laboratories to teach students about accurate liquid dispensing and measurement techniques.
  6. Art and Craft:
    • In artistic and craft applications, clear dropping bottles with droppers can be used for precise application of paints, dyes, or other liquid mediums.
  7. DIY and Home Use:
    • Individuals may use these bottles for DIY projects, home experiments, or personal use where controlled dispensing of liquids is required.
  8. Sample Storage:
    • Clear dropping bottles are sometimes used for storing small liquid samples, especially when controlled access to the liquid is necessary without exposing the entire contents to the external environment.
  9. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy:
    • In aromatherapy and essential oil applications, these bottles are commonly used for dispensing small quantities of aromatic oils.
  10. Medical and Clinical Applications:
    • In medical settings, these bottles may find use in laboratories or clinics for dispensing small quantities of diagnostic reagents or solutions.
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