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5100-Bottle, Gas Washing DIN, Cylindrical


5100-Bottle, Gas Washing DIN, Cylindrical

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  • Complies with DIN 12463
  • Complete Interchangeable joints

* Non DIN

PART  No. Capacity (ml) Joint Size PACK Qty.
5100-100 100 29/32 2
5100-125* 125 29/32 2
5100-250 250 29/32 2
5100-500 500 29/32 2


A cylindrical gas washing bottle designed to DIN standards may find use in various laboratory applications, including:

  • Gas Scrubbing: Used to remove or absorb specific gases from a stream by passing the gas through a liquid medium.
  • Air Sampling: Employed in air quality monitoring to collect and analyze gases present in the air.
  • Chemical Reactions: Used for gas-liquid reactions where the interaction between a gas and a liquid is crucial for a chemical process.
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