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5110-Head for Gas Bottles DIN/ISO


5110-Head for Gas Bottles DIN/ISO

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  • Made from ISO/DIN 3585, Class A, TYPE 1 , Boro 3.3 glass
  • Complies DIN 12596 standard

* Non DIN

PART  No. Capacity (ml) Joint Size PACK Qty.
5110-100 100 29/32 1
5110-125* 125 29/32 1
5110-250 250 29/32 1
5110-500 500 29/32 1

Here are some possibilities for what a “Head for Gas Bottles DIN/ISO” might refer to:

  1. Gas Regulator Head:
    • A gas regulator head is a device attached to a gas cylinder to control the pressure and flow of the gas as it is released. It ensures a safe and controlled supply of gas for various applications in laboratories, industries, or research settings.
  2. Gas Valve or Tap:
    • It could refer to a specific type of gas valve or tap designed to be attached to a gas bottle with DIN/ISO specifications. These valves are used to control the on/off and flow of gas from the cylinder.
  3. Gas Delivery System Head:
    • In some systems, a “head” may be a component of a gas delivery system, which includes valves, regulators, and other controls to manage the flow and distribution of gases for specific applications.
  4. Pressure Reducing Head:
    • A pressure reducing head is a component that reduces the high pressure inside a gas cylinder to a lower, more manageable pressure for various applications.
  5. Gas Sampling Head:
    • In some cases, a head for gas bottles may refer to a specialized apparatus for taking gas samples from a gas bottle for analysis or testing purposes.
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