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5260-Reagent Bottles (Wide Mouth) PP

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5260-Reagent Bottles (Wide Mouth) PP

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Made from Polypropylene
• The PP bottles are rigid, translucent and have excellent contact clarity
• These bottles can be autoclaved filled as well as empty
• On the other hand, the Polyethylene bottle too have excellent strength and are unbreakable
• The Polypropylene Cap has a built in seal ring to make these bottles leak-proof

PART  No. Capacity (ltr) PACK Qty.
5260-30 30 12
5260-60 60 12
5260-125 125 12
5260-250 250 12
5260-500 500 12
5260-1000 1000 6

Here are some common uses and considerations for reagent bottles with wide mouths made of polypropylene:

  1. Easy Pouring and Filling: The wide mouth design facilitates easy pouring and filling of liquids, powders, or other substances. This is particularly useful when working with materials that need to be transferred in larger quantities.
  2. Sample Storage: These bottles are suitable for the storage of liquid samples in laboratories. The wide mouth allows for convenient sample retrieval and reduces the risk of spills during sample transfer.
  3. Chemical Compatibility: Polypropylene is generally resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making these bottles suitable for storing various laboratory reagents, chemicals, and solutions. However, always check the specific compatibility of polypropylene with the substances being stored.
  4. Mixing and Dilution: The wide mouth allows for easy mixing and dilution of solutions directly within the bottle. This is beneficial when preparing solutions or conducting experiments that require combining different substances.
  5. Powder Storage: These bottles are suitable for storing and dispensing powders, granules, or solid materials due to the wide opening that facilitates easy scooping or pouring.
  6. Transport of Bulk Materials: The wide mouth design is advantageous when transferring bulk materials or substances that require larger openings for efficient handling.
  7. Lab Reagent Storage: Reagent bottles with wide mouths are commonly used for storing various laboratory reagents, including acids, bases, and solvents.
  8. Food and Beverage Industry: In some cases, wide-mouthed polypropylene bottles may find applications in the food and beverage industry for storing bulk ingredients or samples.
  9. Educational Purposes: These bottles are often used in educational settings for demonstrations, experiments, and practical exercises due to their ease of use and versatility.
  10. Pharmaceutical and Industrial Applications: Wide-mouth reagent bottles may be utilized in pharmaceutical and industrial settings for the storage and handling of chemicals, solvents, and other substances used in manufacturing processes.
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