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5310-Wash Bottles

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5310-Wash Bottles

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• Made from Low Density Polyethylene which gives these bottles a translucent & unbreakable character
• Solutions can be poured easily by squeezing the bottle lightly
• The cap is fit ted with a flexible polyethylene delivery tube which can be aimed wherever required

PART  No. Capacity (ltr) PACK Qty.
5310-125 125 12
5310-250 250 12
5310-500 500 6
5310-1000 1000 6

Here are some common uses of wash bottles made of PP:

  1. Rinsing Glassware:
    • Wash bottles are frequently used to rinse laboratory glassware such as beakers, test tubes, and graduated cylinders. The controlled stream helps ensure thorough rinsing.
  2. Cleaning Laboratory Equipment:
    • These bottles are used for cleaning and rinsing various laboratory equipment, ensuring that contaminants are removed before experiments or analyses.
  3. Dispensing Solvents:
    • Wash bottles are suitable for dispensing small quantities of solvents used in laboratory procedures. The controlled dispensing helps prevent excessive use and waste.
  4. Moistening Filter Paper:
    • In laboratory work, wash bottles are employed to moisten filter paper in filtration setups, facilitating the filtration process.
  5. Watering Plants in Laboratories:
    • In educational or research settings with plants or living organisms, wash bottles filled with water can be used for controlled watering.
  6. Emergency Eye Wash:
    • In some workplaces, wash bottles filled with sterile saline solution may be part of emergency eye wash stations to flush the eyes in case of chemical exposure.
  7. Decontamination:
    • Wash bottles can be filled with decontamination solutions to clean surfaces, equipment, or materials that may have come into contact with chemicals.
  8. Humidifying Microscope Slides:
    • In microscopy, wash bottles can be used to add a controlled amount of water to microscope slides to create a humid environment for certain types of samples.
  9. Dispensing Detergents:
    • Wash bottles can be filled with diluted detergent solutions for cleaning purposes in laboratories or industrial settings.
  10. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Wash bottles are commonly used in educational settings to demonstrate controlled liquid dispensing and proper laboratory techniques.
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