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5360-Flasks, Conical (Erlenmeyer) Wide Mouth, ISO


5360-Flasks, Conical (Erlenmeyer) Wide Mouth, ISO

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  • Made from ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boro 3.3 heat resistance glass
  • Compliance with ISO 24450
  • All the flasks are printed in white enamel
  • Has Reinforced thick Rim to reduce chipping & breakage

* Non DIN

PART  No. Capacity (ml) D. (mm) D1. (mm) H. (mm) PACK Qty.
5360-25* 25 42 31 70 10
5360-50 50 51 34 85 10
5360-100 100 64 34 105 10
5360-250 250 85 50 140 10
5360-500 500 105 50 175 10
5360-1000 1000 131 50 220 10
5360-2000 2000 166 76 276 6

Potential uses:

  1. Chemical Mixing and Reactions:
    • Wide-mouth Erlenmeyer flasks are suitable for chemical mixing and reactions due to their conical shape, which promotes effective mixing of liquids and facilitates gas exchange during reactions.
  2. Media Preparation in Microbiology:
    • In microbiology labs, wide-mouth Erlenmeyer flasks are commonly used for preparing culture media. The wide mouth allows for easy pouring of media into other containers.
  3. Titration and Analysis:
    • The conical shape is advantageous for titration procedures. The wide mouth allows for convenient addition of reagents and easy pouring, making them suitable for analytical chemistry applications.
  4. Cell Culture and Fermentation:
    • Wide-mouth Erlenmeyer flasks are used in cell culture and fermentation processes in biology and biotechnology. The conical shape provides a larger surface area for aeration and mixing during microbial or cell growth.
  5. Solvent Evaporation:
    • In chemistry labs, these flasks can be employed for solvent evaporation procedures, especially when a larger surface area is needed for efficient evaporation. The wide mouth facilitates easy pouring of solvents.
  6. Storage of Solutions:
    • Erlenmeyer flasks with a wide mouth are suitable for the short-term storage of solutions. The wide mouth allows for easy filling and pouring of solutions.
  7. Heating and Boiling:
    • These flasks are suitable for heating and boiling liquids. The wide mouth allows for easy pouring and facilitates the addition of substances during heating processes.
  8. Laboratory Experiments and Demonstrations:
    • Wide-mouth Erlenmeyer flasks are often used in laboratory experiments and demonstrations, particularly in educational settings. The wide mouth makes them easy to use and clean.
  9. Filtering and Filtration:
    • The wide mouth of these flasks makes them compatible with vacuum filtration setups. A filter funnel can be easily fitted into the wide mouth for efficient filtration processes.
  10. Standard Solution Preparation:
    • In analytical chemistry, these flasks are used for preparing standard solutions of known concentrations. The wide mouth facilitates accurate and precise measurements.
  11. Dissolving Solids:
    • The conical shape and wide mouth facilitate the dissolving of solids in liquids through effective mixing and easy addition of solids.
  12. pH Adjustments:
    • These flasks can be used for pH adjustments in solutions, where reagents need to be added in controlled amounts. The wide mouth allows for precise pouring of reagents.
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