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6640-Dessicator with Lid, Plain


6640-Dessicator with Lid, Plain

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  • Die pressed
  • Natural Glass with Porcelain perforated plate
PART  No. I.D. (mm) PACK Qty.
6640-150 150 1
6640-210 210 1
6640-250 250 1
6640-300 300 1

Plain Dessicator with Lid:

  • Desiccation: Used for drying and preserving moisture-sensitive substances.
  • Sample Storage: Provides an airtight environment for storing hygroscopic samples.
  • Chemical Reactions: Used in laboratories for certain chemical reactions requiring a dry atmosphere.
  • Storage of Delicate Items: Ideal for storing delicate items, such as powders or materials sensitive to moisture.
  • Preservation: Helps preserve the integrity of substances by keeping them dry and free from moisture.
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