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7480-Test Tube with Interchangeable Stopper


7480-Test Tube with Interchangeable Stopper

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  • With Interchangeable Stopper
PART  No. Height x O.D.(mm) Stopper Size PACK Qty.
7480-100 100 x 12 10/19 100
7480-125 125 x 15 12/21 100
7480-150 150 x 18 14/23 100
7480-150-A 150 x 25 19/26 100
7480-200 200 x 25 19/26 100
7480-200-A 200 x 32 24/29 100
7480-200-B 200 x 38 24/29 100

Here are some common uses of test tubes with interchangeable stoppers:

  1. Storage and Containment:
    • Test tubes with stoppers are often used for storing and containing small amounts of liquids or solid samples. The stopper helps prevent evaporation or contamination of the contents.
  2. Reactions and Mixtures:
    • Test tubes are commonly used for small-scale chemical reactions. The stopper can be used during reactions to contain gases produced or to prevent the entry of air or contaminants.
  3. Heating and Boiling:
    • Test tubes can be placed in a water bath or heated directly over a flame. The stopper helps trap heat and can prevent splattering of contents. However, it’s important to use stoppers that are heat-resistant.
  4. Gas Collection:
    • Test tubes with stoppers are used for collecting and measuring gases produced in chemical reactions. The stopper allows for the controlled capture of gases.
  5. Culturing Microorganisms:
    • In microbiology, test tubes with stoppers can be used for culturing microorganisms. The stopper allows for a semi-sealed environment, facilitating the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms.
  6. Transportation:
    • Test tubes are often used to transport small amounts of liquid samples from one location to another. The stopper ensures that the contents do not spill during transportation.
  7. Extraction and Filtration:
    • Test tubes can be used for extracting soluble components from solid samples or for small-scale filtration experiments. The stopper helps control the flow of liquids during these processes.
  8. Centrifugation:
    • Test tubes with stoppers are compatible with centrifugation equipment. The stopper helps secure the contents during centrifugation, separating components based on density.
  9. Freezing and Cooling:
    • Test tubes with stoppers can be used for freezing or cooling samples in a controlled manner. The stopper helps prevent ice formation and provides a secure closure.
  10. Measurement and Observation:
    • Test tubes with stoppers are often used for making visual observations or measurements. The stopper can be removed for easy access to the contents.
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