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7640-Centrifuge Tubes, Oil, ASTM


7640-Centrifuge Tubes, Oil, ASTM

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  • Calibrated to contain.
  • Originally devised for determination of bottom sediment and water in petroleum and its product.
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Subdivision (ml) Approx. widest O.D. x Length (mm) PACK Qty.


100 0 to 1 in 5/100;

1 to 5 in 1;

5 to 50 in 5;

50 to 100 in 10

58 x 158 50

Centrifuge oil tubes are used in various ASTM tests to determine the quality and purity of oils. Here are the key uses:

  1. ASTM D91: Precipitation number in lubricating oils.
  2. ASTM D96: Water and sediment in crude oil.
  3. ASTM D893: Insolubles in used lubricating oils.
  4. ASTM D1796: Water and sediment in fuel oils.
  5. ASTM D2273: Trace sediment in lubricating oils.
  6. ASTM D4007: Water and sediment in crude oil (field test).
  7. ASTM D2709: Water and sediment in middle distillate fuels.
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