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7960-PCR Tube Rack


7960-PCR Tube Rack

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  • Made of Polypropylene & Polycarbonate.
  • Used for keeping PCR Tubes.
  • Top & base of this rack are made of tough & transparent polycarbonate.
  • Middle portion is made of polypropylene.
  • Tube holding spaces are uniformly placed so as to facilitate the use of multi pipettes.
  • Racks can be stacked together to save shelf space.
PART  No. Type Pack Qty.
7960-96-PCR Rack for 96 PCR Tubes of 0.2 ml 4

Here are some common uses and features of PCR tube racks:

  1. Sample Organization: PCR tube racks are designed to organize PCR tubes, making it easier for researchers to handle multiple samples simultaneously. The racks typically have wells or slots that securely hold individual PCR tubes in place.
  2. Thermal Cycling: PCR tube racks are often used during thermal cycling, a process in which the temperature of the PCR reaction mix is rapidly changed to facilitate DNA amplification. The racks provide stability to the tubes during this temperature cycling.
  3. Storage: PCR tube racks are used for the temporary storage of PCR tubes before and after PCR reactions. Proper storage helps prevent contamination and ensures the integrity of the PCR samples.
  4. Preparation and Loading: PCR tube racks provide a convenient platform for preparing PCR reactions by holding the tubes as reagents are added. They also facilitate the loading of PCR samples onto thermal cyclers.
  5. Compatibility with PCR Tubes: PCR tube racks are designed to accommodate standard PCR tubes. These tubes are typically small and made of materials that can withstand the temperature changes associated with PCR, such as polypropylene.
  6. Sample Identification: Some PCR tube racks have labeled or numbered positions, allowing researchers to easily identify and track the location of specific samples.
  7. Color-Coding: PCR tube racks may come in different colors or have color-coded features, allowing for easy visual identification of different samples, experiments, or conditions.
  8. Durability: PCR tube racks are often made from durable materials that can withstand repeated use, temperature changes, and exposure to common laboratory chemicals.
  9. Autoclavable: Depending on the material, PCR tube racks may be autoclavable for sterilization purposes, ensuring aseptic conditions in the laboratory.
  10. Stackability: Many PCR tube racks are designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient use of laboratory space and storage in freezers or refrigerators.
  11. Versatility: Some PCR tube racks are designed to be versatile, accommodating different sizes of PCR tubes or strips.


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