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8230-Thistle Funnels


8230-Thistle Funnels

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Material: Boro 3.3 glass

Usage Guide:

  • Thistle Funnels are used to add liquids to a narrow necked flask or other container.
  • They are usually passed through a bung or clamped in place.
  • They are particularly useful if the liquid addition must be low down in the flask where a funnel or dropping funnel would have too short a stem.
Part No. Description Size
8230-200 Thistle funnel 200mm
8230-250 Thistle funnel 250mm
8230-300 Thistle funnel 300mm

Here are some common uses of thistle funnels in laboratory settings:

  1. Chemical Reactions:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are often used in chemical reactions where the addition of a reagent needs to be controlled and gradual. This is crucial in reactions that are sensitive to the rate of addition.
  2. Titration:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are used in titration experiments where a titrant is added dropwise to a solution until a chemical reaction reaches completion. The fine control of liquid addition is essential for accurate titration results.
  3. Addition of Reagents:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are employed when adding reagents drop by drop is necessary to control reaction kinetics or to avoid rapid mixing of reactants.
  4. Precipitation Reactions:
    • Applications: In precipitation reactions, thistle funnels can be used to add a precipitating agent slowly to a solution, allowing for controlled and gradual formation of the precipitate.
  5. Liquid-Liquid Extractions:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are used in liquid-liquid extraction processes where one liquid phase is added dropwise to another. This technique is employed for separating components based on their solubility.
  6. Dissolution Studies:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are useful in dissolution studies where a solid material needs to be added slowly to a solvent to observe its dissolution behavior.
  7. Reaction Kinetics Studies:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels can be used in studies related to reaction kinetics, allowing researchers to control the rate of reactant addition and observe the impact on the overall reaction.
  8. Controlled Mixing:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels provide a means for controlled mixing in cases where sudden or rapid mixing of liquids needs to be avoided.
  9. Crystallization:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels can be employed in crystallization processes where a solution is slowly saturated with a solute to induce the formation of crystals.
  10. Precise Liquid Dispensing:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are valuable whenever precise liquid dispensing is required, especially in situations where the volume of the added liquid needs to be accurately controlled.
  11. Purification Processes:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels can be used in purification processes, such as the slow addition of a purifying agent to a solution to remove impurities.
  12. Polymerization Reactions:
    • Applications: In polymerization reactions, where the rate of monomer addition can affect the polymerization kinetics, thistle funnels allow for controlled and gradual addition.
  13. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Applications: Thistle funnels are commonly used in educational laboratories to demonstrate the principles of controlled liquid addition and the importance of precision in experimental procedures.
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