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  • Used in laboratory with droppers for dispensing drops or qualitative amounts of liquids or chemicals.
PART  No. Capacity Type Rubber Type Pack Qty.
8750-1-CN 1 Conical Natural Rubber 100
8750-2-CN 2to3 Conical Natural Rubber 100
8750-1-RN 1 Round Natural Rubber 100
8750-1-CS 1 Conical Silicon Rubber 100
8750-2-CS 2to3 Conical Silicon Rubber 100
8750-S-RL small Round Latex Rubber 100
8750-L-RL large Round Latex Rubber 100


  • Baby Feeding: Essential for bottle-feeding infants, providing a nipple-like structure for easy suckling.
  • Animal Nursing: Used in veterinary care for feeding young animals with a bottle.
  • Bottle Sealing: Functions as a sealing component for some bottle types.
  • Medicine Administration: Adapted for administering liquid medicines to infants and small animals.
  • Orthodontic Pacifiers: Incorporated into pacifiers for infants to soothe and provide comfort.
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