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9730-Projection Microscope

9730-Projection Microscope

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  • Economy Projection Microscope having Coarse & Fine Focusing Mechanism .
  • Built in Light with transformer and 3 step intensity control.
  • Plain stage with stage clips for holding slides. (Graduated Mechanical stage is optional at extra cost)
  • 360° revolving Projection Doom with 150mm (6″) screen fits on the eye piece tube.
  • Achromatic Objectives :- 10x and 20x (SL) or 40x (SL)
  • Projection Eye Piece :- 10x (Huygenian)
  • Packed in a sturdy wooden box with lock & key.

Projection Microscope:

  • Classroom Teaching: Ideal for educational settings, allowing large groups of students to view specimens simultaneously.
  • Presentations: Facilitates presentations and demonstrations by projecting microscopic images onto a screen.
  • Research Collaboration: Useful for collaborative research discussions and group analysis.
  • Image Documentation: Enables the capture and documentation of microscopic images for research or educational purposes.
  • Comparison Studies: Valuable for side-by-side comparison studies and detailed analysis in laboratory settings.
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