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  • Direct Reading, Size 175mm (7”), L.C. 20 second.
  • With Optical Plummet & blue coated optics showing erect image circles.
  • Internal Focusing with Al. Stand & Accessories in wooden box.

A theodolite with a vernier transit serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Surveying:
    • Measure horizontal and vertical angles accurately for land surveying and mapping.
  2. Construction Layout:
    • Facilitate precise layout and alignment of structures during construction projects.
  3. Geodetic Control Surveys:
    • Contribute to high-precision geodetic control surveys for mapping and positioning.
  4. Tunnel Alignment:
    • Align tunnels and underground structures with precision using angular measurements.
  5. Topographic Mapping:
    • Aid in creating detailed topographic maps by measuring angles on the terrain.
  6. Road and Railway Design:
    • Assist in the design and layout of roads, railways, and transportation infrastructure.
  7. Monitoring Structural Deformations:
    • Monitor changes in structural alignment and deformations over time.
  8. Setting Out Points:
    • Establish accurate reference points for various purposes, including setting out construction points.
  9. Mining Surveys:
    • Conduct precise surveys in mining operations for planning and extraction purposes.
  10. Pipeline Alignment:
    • Align pipelines and assess gradients accurately for efficient fluid transport.
  11. Astronomical Observations:
    • Support astronomical observations by providing precise horizontal and vertical angles.
  12. Research and Geophysical Studies:
    • Contribute to scientific research and geophysical studies requiring accurate angular measurements.
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