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  • Made of fiber glass on stand.

A fiberglass flower model on a stand serves primarily as a visual and educational aid for botanical and horticultural purposes. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Botanical Education: The fiberglass flower model is used for educational purposes to illustrate the anatomy of a flower, showcasing its various parts such as petals, sepals, stamens, and pistils.
  2. Horticultural Training: It serves as a tool for horticultural training, helping students and professionals learn about different flower structures and their functions.
  3. Classroom Demonstrations: Teachers use the model in classrooms to visually explain flower anatomy, reproduction, and botanical concepts.
  4. Gardening Workshops: In gardening and landscaping workshops, the fiberglass flower model is employed to demonstrate the diversity of floral structures and aid in plant identification.
  5. Floral Arrangement: Florists may use the model as a reference for creating aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements by understanding the structure and placement of different flower parts.
  6. Botanical Gardens: Fiberglass flower models can enhance the educational experience in botanical gardens, providing visitors with a closer look at the intricate details of various flowers.
  7. Decorative Displays: These models can be used for decorative purposes in botanical exhibits, providing an attractive and informative element for public engagement.
  8. Scientific Illustrations: Researchers and illustrators may use fiberglass flower models as references for scientific illustrations and diagrams related to flower anatomy.
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