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  • These Bistabil Ground Joints are made on Heavy Wall tubing for making the joint thicker.
  • Made of BOROSILICATE Glass 3.3 tubing.
Part No. Socket Size Total length (mm) Pack (qty.)
1030-7S 7/16 135±2 10
1030-10S 10/19 135±2 10
1030-14S 14/23 135±2 10
1030-19S 19/26 140±2 10
1030-24S 24/29 170±5 10
1030-29S 29/32 170±5 10
1030-34S 34/35 180±5 10

Some common uses:

  1. Chemical Synthesis: Heavy-wall ground female joints are often used in chemical synthesis setups, where different pieces of glassware need to be securely connected. This can include connecting various glass vessels, condensers, and other components in a chemical reaction system.
  2. Distillation and Fractionation: In distillation and fractionation processes, where separation of components is crucial, heavy-wall ground female joints are employed to ensure a tight and secure connection between different glass components, such as distillation columns, condensers, and receiving flasks.
  3. Laboratory Apparatus Assembly: Researchers often assemble custom laboratory apparatus for specific experiments or procedures. Heavy-wall ground female joints allow for the flexibility to connect and disconnect various glass components easily, facilitating the construction of complex experimental setups.
  4. Vacuum Systems: In vacuum applications, heavy-wall ground joints are crucial to maintaining a vacuum-tight seal. This is essential in processes such as rotary evaporation or vacuum filtration, where a reliable seal is necessary to achieve the desired conditions.
  5. Research and Development: Laboratories engaged in research and development activities may use heavy-wall ground female joints for prototyping and testing new equipment or setups. The interchangeability of these joints allows for experimentation and modification of configurations.
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