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  • 30 x 20 x 16cm.
  • Made of HSP resin.
  • 3-D section of a lamellar bone.
  • It helps to understand the typical elements of a lamellar bone along with the Volkmann & haversian system, spongy & compact parts, endosteum, cortical substance & osteocytes.
  • Model shown various planes in cross and longitudinal section.
  • 19 features marked.
  • Key card/manual provided.

A bone microstructure model serves educational and research purposes, offering a detailed representation of the microscopic structure of bone tissue. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Histology Education: Used for teaching histology, allowing students to study the microscopic features of bone tissue, including osteons, trabeculae, and bone cells.
  2. Medical Training: Supports medical training programs by providing a close-up view of bone microstructure, enhancing understanding of bone composition and function.
  3. Orthopedic Studies: Beneficial for orthopedic education, illustrating the intricate details of bone tissue at the microscopic level relevant to musculoskeletal health.
  4. Biomechanics Research: Used in biomechanics research to study the microstructural aspects of bone that contribute to its mechanical properties and strength.
  5. Bone Health Education: Aids in educating about bone health by illustrating factors such as bone remodeling, mineralization, and the role of osteocytes.
  6. Dental Anatomy: Relevant in dental education to showcase the microstructure of jaw bones, aiding in the understanding of dental anatomy and related structures.
  7. Research Reference: Provides researchers with an accurate model for studying bone microstructure, contributing to advancements in bone biology and related fields.
  8. Medical Illustration: Useful for medical illustrators to create detailed visuals and representations of bone microstructure for educational materials.
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