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  • These Bistabil Ground Joints are made on Heavy Wall tubing for making the joint thicker.
  • Made of BOROSILICATE Glass 3.3 tubing.
Part No. Cone Size Total length (mm) Pack (qty.)
1040-7C 7/16 135±2 10
1040-10C 10/19 135±2 10
1040-14C 14/23 135±2 10
1040-19C 19/26 140±2 10
1040-24C 24/29 170±5 10
1040-29C 29/32 170±5 10
1040-34C 34/35 180±5 10

Here are some possibilities related to ground glass joints and their potential uses in a laboratory:

  1. Ground Glass Joints:
    • Sealing Glassware: Ground glass joints are often used to create a secure, leak-free seal between different pieces of glassware. This is common in setups where airtight or vacuum conditions are required.
  2. Male Joints:
    • Connecting Glassware: Male joints are typically inserted into female joints to create a tight connection. This can be used in assembling complex laboratory setups where different glass components need to be connected securely.
  3. Heavy Wall Glassware:
    • Durability: Heavy wall glassware is designed to be more robust and durable than standard glassware. It is often used when additional strength is needed, for example, in reactions involving pressure or when using heavy or dense materials.
  4. Bistable Joints:
    • Switchable Configurations: Bistable joints, in a more general sense, might refer to joints that have two stable states or configurations. This could be relevant in setups where the apparatus needs to switch between different configurations during an experiment.


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