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Thick wall and reinforced rim.

Outside of the bushing has full length and inside has smaller length.

For compact assembly of dissimilar joints.

PART No. Female Joint Male Joint Pack QTY.
1860-14F19M 14/20 19/22 10
1860-14F24M 14/20 24/40 10
1860-14F-24MA 14/35 24/40 10

A low-profile bushing adapter with a stem can have various uses in a laboratory:

  1. Glassware Connections: The adapter can be used to connect different pieces of laboratory glassware that have different joint sizes. This is particularly useful when setting up experimental apparatus or reaction systems that involve various glass components.
  2. Distillation Setups: In distillation setups, where separation of components is achieved through vaporization and condensation, low-profile bushing adapters can be used to connect different condensers, receivers, and other glass components with varying joint sizes.
  3. Vacuum Systems: In vacuum setups, adapters with stems can be used to connect different vacuum components such as traps, manifolds, and vacuum pumps. This helps in creating a sealed vacuum system for various applications, including filtration or drying processes.
  4. Reaction Vessels: These adapters are often used in connecting reaction vessels or flasks, allowing for the introduction or withdrawal of gases, liquids, or other substances during chemical reactions.
  5. Fractional Distillation: In fractional distillation setups, where the separation of components is done through multiple distillation steps, low-profile bushing adapters can be employed to connect different fractionating columns and condensers.
  6. Chemical Synthesis: When synthesizing chemicals, a variety of glassware is often used. The adapter can facilitate the connection of different components, ensuring a secure and leak-free setup for chemical reactions.
  7. Sample Handling: In analytical chemistry, these adapters may be used in sample handling processes, such as connecting sample collection tubes or containers to other analytical instruments.
  8. Chromatography Systems: In chromatography setups, adapters can be used to connect various columns, detectors, and other components, providing a seamless flow path for the separation and analysis of compounds.
  9. Temperature Control: Some adapters may be used in conjunction with temperature control devices, allowing for the regulation of temperature during experiments or reactions.
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