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  • 15 x 15 x 32 cm. Model is highly magnified (6 times enlarged).
  • Model is in 7 parts.
  • Ideal for basic anatomical study of eye. Show sclera, cornea, eye muscle attachments, iris, retina, optica nerve & venels.
  • Mounted on a removable stand.
  • 34 features marked.
  • Key card/manual provided.

An eye on a stand model serves educational, medical, and research purposes, offering a detailed representation of the human eye. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Anatomy Education: Used for teaching anatomy, allowing students to study the structures and components of the human eye in detail.
  2. Ophthalmology Training: Beneficial for ophthalmology education, illustrating the anatomy of the eye for in-depth study and understanding.
  3. Patient Education: Enables healthcare practitioners to visually explain eye conditions, disorders, and treatment options to patients.
  4. Optometry Training: Relevant in optometry education for understanding the structures of the eye and their role in vision and eye health.
  5. Vision Science Research: Used in vision science research to study the anatomy, physiology, and functioning of the human eye.
  6. Optical Instrument Calibration: Practical for calibrating and demonstrating the use of optical instruments such as lenses and scopes.
  7. Eye Clinics: Displayed in eye clinics to enhance patient understanding of eye conditions and procedures.
  8. Ophthalmic Surgery Planning: Healthcare professionals may use this model for surgical planning and visualization of eye-related procedures.
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