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  • Life size.
  • Model is longitudinally dissected in 5 parts.
  • Details of external features are shown on one side & internal anatomy is shown on other side.
  • Removable parts are magnetically secured in position.
  • 42 features marked.
  • Key card/manual provided.

A model of the general anatomy of a bony fish serves educational and scientific purposes, providing a detailed representation of the key structures in a fish. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Ichthyology Education: Used for teaching ichthyology, allowing students to study the external and internal anatomy of bony fish.
  2. Fisheries Biology Training: Beneficial for fisheries biology education, illustrating the anatomy of bony fish for in-depth study and understanding.
  3. Research Reference: Used in research settings to study fish anatomy, behavior, and physiology, contributing to advancements in fisheries science.
  4. Evolutionary Biology Studies: Practical for studying the evolutionary adaptations and structures of bony fish.
  5. Aquaculture Training: Relevant in aquaculture education for understanding the anatomy and biology of fish species commonly raised in aquaculture.
  6. Museum Displays: Displayed in museums and educational exhibits to showcase the general anatomy of bony fish and their diversity.
  7. Biological Illustration: Useful for artists and illustrators to create accurate visuals and representations of bony fish anatomy for educational materials.
  8. Environmental Education: Applied in environmental education to enhance public understanding of aquatic ecosystems and the role of bony fish.
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