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10450-Artery Forcep


10450-Artery Forcep

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  • Made Of high grade German Steel
  • Used for human surgeries and dissections
  • Has laboratory research applications
  • Autoclavable
  • Ring Handled scissors

Artery forceps are surgical instruments used to grasp and manipulate arteries during medical procedures. Here are some key points about artery forceps:

  1. Purpose: Artery forceps are designed for the compression and temporary occlusion of blood vessels, particularly arteries, during surgical interventions.
  2. Design: They typically have a clamp-like structure with serrated jaws for a secure grip on blood vessels. The handles are used by surgeons to control the force applied.
  3. Types: There are various types of artery forceps, including straight and curved designs. Hemostatic forceps are a common subtype designed specifically for controlling bleeding.
  4. Material: Artery forceps are usually made of stainless steel for durability and to ensure they can be sterilized for repeated use in surgical settings.
  5. Locking Mechanism: Many artery forceps have a locking mechanism to maintain a constant grip on the vessel, allowing surgeons to focus on other aspects of the procedure.
  6. Sizes: They come in different sizes to accommodate various vessel diameters and surgical needs.
  7. Usage: Artery forceps are commonly used in vascular surgeries, cardiac surgeries, and other procedures where precise control of blood flow is essential.
  8. Sterilization: Proper sterilization is crucial to prevent infections, and most artery forceps can withstand autoclaving for this purpose.
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