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10490-Dressing Drum


10490-Dressing Drum

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  • Dressing Drum is used to handle various instruments of surgical & dressing material.
  • It is available in different sizes: 6×6 , 9×9, 11×9″

A dressing drum is a medical device used primarily for sterilizing and storing surgical dressings and instruments. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Sterilization: Dressing drums are used to sterilize surgical dressings, bandages, and instruments before use in medical procedures to prevent infections.
  2. Storage: After sterilization, dressing drums provide a sealed and sterile environment for storing surgical dressings until they are needed for patient care.
  3. Transportation: Dressing drums can be used to transport sterilized dressings and instruments within a healthcare facility, ensuring their continued sterility.
  4. Autoclaving: They are designed to withstand autoclaving, a common method of sterilization using high-pressure steam, making them suitable for repeated use.
  5. Operating Room Setup: Dressing drums are often part of the setup in operating rooms, ensuring that sterile dressings and instruments are readily available during surgical procedures.
  6. Infection Control: By maintaining sterility, dressing drums contribute to infection control efforts in healthcare settings, reducing the risk of postoperative infections.
  7. Emergency Preparedness: Dressing drums are important components of emergency medical kits, allowing for the immediate availability of sterile dressings and instruments in case of injuries or accidents.
  8. Wound Care: Sterilized dressings stored in dressing drums are crucial for providing a clean and sterile environment for wound care and postoperative recovery.
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