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10480-Cheatle Forcep


10480-Cheatle Forcep

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  • Used to remove sterilized instruments from boilers and formalin cabinets.
  • Ensure that as each item is removed, others are not infected.
  • Size – 8-inch.

Cheatle forceps, also known as dressing forceps, have various uses in medical settings. Here’s a concise overview of their applications:

  1. Wound Dressing: Cheatle forceps are commonly used to grasp and hold dressings, allowing healthcare professionals to apply or remove bandages and wound dressings with precision.
  2. Tissue Handling: They are employed in surgical procedures to delicately handle and manipulate tissues during various stages of an operation.
  3. Hemostasis: Cheatle forceps can be utilized to assist in achieving hemostasis by clamping blood vessels, controlling bleeding during surgical interventions.
  4. Suturing: In some cases, Cheatle forceps may be used to hold tissues together during suturing, aiding in the stitching of wounds or incisions.
  5. Foreign Object Removal: They can be helpful in removing small foreign objects or debris from wounds or surgical sites.
  6. General Surgical Use: Cheatle forceps find broad application in general surgical procedures, providing a versatile tool for surgeons in handling tissues and other materials.
  7. Tissue Dissection: In some situations, Cheatle forceps may be used for gentle tissue dissection, separating layers or structures during surgery.
  8. Atraumatic Grasping: Their design, often with toothed or serrated tips, allows for atraumatic grasping, minimizing tissue damage during manipulation.
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