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10550-Scissors (Pointed & Blunt)


10550-Scissors (Pointed & Blunt)

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  • Scissors are used for general purpose in labs & also in experiments.
  • Beautifully crafted with precise details so that it gives best cutting to the subject.
  • S.S. made
  • Available in different sizes: 4″,5″,6″,8″ etc.
  • Types: Pointed & Blunt

Blunt-pointed scissors, also known as safety scissors, serve specific purposes in medical and other settings where a pointed tip may pose a risk. Here’s a brief overview of their uses:

  1. Bandage Cutting: Blunt-pointed scissors are commonly used for cutting bandages and dressings without the risk of accidentally puncturing the patient’s skin.
  2. Wound Care: They are suitable for trimming and shaping dressings during wound care procedures, offering precision without the concern of sharp points.
  3. Pediatric Care: Blunt-pointed scissors are often employed in pediatric settings where there is a need for caution to prevent accidental injuries while trimming or cutting materials.
  4. First Aid Kits: These scissors are commonly included in first aid kits for their safe and versatile use in cutting medical tapes, gauze, and other materials during emergencies.
  5. Orthopedic Cast Removal: Blunt-pointed scissors may be used in orthopedics for safely cutting and removing casts without posing a risk of injury to the patient’s skin.
  6. Geriatric Care: In care settings for the elderly, where skin may be more fragile, blunt-pointed scissors are used for tasks like cutting clothing tags or bandages.
  7. Emergency Situations: In emergency medical situations, these scissors are suitable for cutting clothing to access injuries without causing additional harm to the patient.
  8. School and Childcare: Blunt-pointed scissors are often recommended for use in educational settings and childcare to minimize the risk of accidental injuries among children.
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