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11080-Rectangular Vacuum Oven


11080-Rectangular Vacuum Oven

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  • A perfect choice for uniform high temperature large capacity application
  • Designed for fast moisture determination or analysis  of solid, ideal for food pharmaceuticals, biological environmental and industrial material also useful for production of semi conductors or storage of vacuum tubes  and electronic components where contamination cannot be tolerated
  • Chamber constructed of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel & exterior of G.I/M.S sheet finished in epoxy powder coated shade
  • Solid state electronic temperature controller with digital indicator
  • The heat tempered glass window allow observation of test
  • A vacuum gauge that reads 0to 30” HG and two valves – one for evacuating the chamber and other for purging or for flushing
  • Temperature range : 50c to 200c with accuracy ±2c
  • Silicon gasket – long lasting and perfect easy sealing of door

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Size (LXWXD) Rating
11080-A 12”X12”X12” 1750
11080-B 14”X14”20” 1900
11080-C 18”X18”24” 2200
11080-D 20”X20”X30” 2500

A Rectangular Vacuum Oven is a specialized equipment with diverse applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Vacuum Drying: Employed for drying heat-sensitive materials efficiently under reduced pressure.
  2. Solvent Removal: Used for precise removal of solvents from substances through vacuum-assisted drying processes.
  3. Pharmaceutical Processing: Commonly utilized in pharmaceutical industries for drying and processing temperature-sensitive compounds.
  4. Laboratory Research: Widely applied in laboratories for experiments and processes requiring controlled vacuum conditions.
  5. Precision Temperature Control: Equipped with accurate temperature controls for consistent and reproducible drying conditions.
  6. Chemical and Biotech Applications: Found in chemical and biotechnological processes involving controlled drying and solvent removal.
  7. Material Processing: Applied for various materials processing tasks, including curing, degassing, and resin infusion.
  8. Industrial Production: Used in industrial settings for production processes that benefit from vacuum-assisted drying or heat treatment.
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