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11140-Drying Oven


11140-Drying Oven

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  • High performance horizontal flow drying oven
  • Engineered to meet your most critical temperature requirement designed for continuous drying operations up to 250c
  • Rugged double walled construction having 304 type stainless steel interior and exterior M.S powder coated finished in regular Model
  • Microprocessor auto tuning PID controller for fast and accurate setting
  • Twin motorized blowers provide horizontal air flow ensures more rapid drying
  • A safety controller protects contents from damaging in case of main control fails
  • The door latch and heavy hinges ensures tight sealing of door
  • Operates on 440 volts/three phases

A Drying Oven is a versatile equipment designed for controlled drying applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Material Drying: Utilized for drying various materials, substances, or products in controlled conditions.
  2. Laboratory Experiments: Found in laboratories for experiments requiring precise and consistent drying of samples.
  3. Industrial Production: Applied in manufacturing for drying components, parts, or finished products on a larger scale.
  4. Quality Control: Used for quality control processes to ensure consistent moisture content in products.
  5. Food Processing: Found in the food industry for drying and dehydrating food products.
  6. Pharmaceutical Applications: Utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing for drying and preparing medications.
  7. Research and Development: Widely employed in R&D activities for testing and developing drying processes.
  8. Moisture Removal: Integral in processes where controlled moisture removal is critical for the final product.
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