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11300-Round Water Bath


11300-Round Water Bath

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Product Details:

Temperature Range AMBIENT TO 100 DEG. CELCUIS
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Glass Viewing Window No
Circulation Pump No
Double Wall YES


  • All water baths are double walled in construction
  • Inner 304 S.S.& exterior S.S 304 in GMP Model
  • High grade glass wool insulation between the walls
  • Selection of controller hydraulic thermostat or solid state digital temp. Controller
  • With lid and perforated false bottom
  • Usable with round bottom flask
  • Operators on 230 volts A.C

Round water baths are commonly used for:

  1. Temperature Control: Maintaining a constant temperature for various lab applications.
  2. Sample Incubation: Allowing samples to be incubated at a specific temperature.
  3. Dissolving and Melting: Assisting in dissolving substances or melting solid materials.
  4. Warming Liquids: Providing a controlled environment for warming liquids.
  5. Thawing Samples: Safely thawing frozen samples in a controlled manner.
  6. Viscosity Testing: Supporting viscosity testing of liquids.
  7. Culturing Microorganisms: Creating a controlled environment for microbial cultures.
  8. Chemical Reactions: Facilitating reactions that require specific temperature conditions.
  9. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in various scientific experiments and procedures.
  10. Quality Control: Ensuring temperature consistency for quality assurance purposes.
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