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11100-Stability Chamber Humidity Oven


11100-Stability Chamber Humidity Oven

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Product Details:

Material Stainless Steel
Chamber Volume 100 Litre
Number Of Shelves 2

Stability Chamber (Humidity Oven) are designed for testing product shelf, life, stability and packaging electronic test.


  • Specially designed to meet ICH guidelines for stability testing
  • Double walled having inner 304 S.S chamber and exterior finished in epoxy powder coated shade
  • Controls are simple solid state to set direct humidity % RH and temperature on DIGITAL indicator
  • An independent window heater on glass window of main door helps visibility for test by eliminating condensation
  • A perfectly designed cooling system to operate any temperature from 10 c to 70 c temperature accuracy: ±1 c
  • Boilers are having solid state auto on level controller
  • CFC free cooling system includes hermetically sealed compressor, fan motor & condenser
  • Humidification through steam flow on circulation . humidity levels from 40% RH to 95% RH humidity stability :±3% RH
  • Air circulation system ensures more stability of condition
  • Shelves are S.S wire mesh 3 shelves with all units as standard

A Stability Chamber with Humidity Control, often referred to as a “Humidity Oven” or “Humidity Stability Chamber,” is specialized equipment with specific applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Stability Testing: Used for stability testing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
  2. Product Shelf Life Studies: Conducts studies to assess the shelf life and stability of products in varying environmental conditions.
  3. Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Integral in pharmaceutical industries for quality control processes, ensuring product stability over time.
  4. Biological and Medical Research: Applied in laboratories for studies requiring precise control of temperature and humidity for biological or medical specimens.
  5. Climate Simulation: Simulates and controls environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, to replicate real-world storage conditions.
  6. Material Testing: Used for testing the stability and durability of materials, coatings, and components exposed to controlled environmental conditions.
  7. Electronic Components Testing: Found in electronics manufacturing for testing the stability and reliability of electronic components.
  8. Industrial Quality Assurance: Employed in various industries for quality assurance processes that involve assessing product stability under different environmental scenarios.
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