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11370-Tissue Floating Bath


11370-Tissue Floating Bath

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  • Double walled inner made of aluminum finished in blank powder coating shade
  • Filled with glass wool insulation between to walls
  • Selection of energy regulator or solid state digital temp. controller

A Tissue Floating Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Histology Procedures: Facilitating the floating of tissue sections on water for further processing.
  2. Sectioning of Tissues: Preparing thin sections of tissues for microscopic examination.
  3. Microtome Work: Supporting activities involving the slicing of tissues for analysis.
  4. Staining Procedures: Assisting in staining tissue sections for microscopy.
  5. Pathology Laboratories: Widely used in pathology labs for tissue preparation.
  6. Medical Research: Supporting research involving the study of tissues.
  7. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent tissue processing in laboratories.
  8. Clinical Diagnostics: Utilized in diagnostic labs for preparing tissue samples.
  9. Optimal Temperature Control: Maintaining precise temperature for tissue section manipulation.
  10. Microscopic Analysis: Enhancing the preparation of tissue samples for microscopic examination.
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