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11180-Laminar Air Flow


11180-Laminar Air Flow

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We offer Laminar Air Flow system that is specially designed and developed to be used in operating rooms and operation theaters. It works on popular and reliable method for filtration of particles and other contaminants from the air, which are harmful and could be decisive. Our laminar air flow system efficiently filters dust particles up to 0.3 microns and also eliminate microorganisms by killing them during the filtration process through U.V. radiation and electrostatic precipitation.

Product Details:

Usage/Application LABORATORY
Size 2X2X2 FT
Shape Rectangular
Material Stainless Steel

Laminar Air Flow (LAF) systems are used in various settings to create a controlled environment with a unidirectional flow of filtered air. Here’s a brief overview of their uses:

  1. Cleanroom Environments: Employed in cleanrooms to maintain a sterile and particle-free environment for sensitive processes.
  2. Laboratory Work: Used in laboratories for tasks requiring a sterile and controlled atmosphere, such as cell culture and sample preparation.
  3. Microbiology: Applied in microbiological laboratories for procedures demanding aseptic conditions during experiments and analyses.
  4. Pharmaceutical Production: Found in pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure aseptic conditions for the production of medications and sterile products.
  5. Electronics Manufacturing: Utilized in electronics industries for assembling and testing components in a dust-free and controlled environment.
  6. Medical Procedures: Applied in medical settings for procedures requiring a sterile field, such as surgeries and certain medical tests.
  7. Food Industry: Used in the food industry for maintaining a clean environment during food processing and packaging.
  8. Biotechnology: Found in biotechnology research and production to prevent contamination in sensitive experiments and processes.
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