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11650-Flexible Heating Mantles


11650-Flexible Heating Mantles

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  • Dual purpose heating mantel equally suited for either bench or suspended operation
  • Made fro fiber glass hand- knitted yarn
  • Filled with glass wool insulation between inner and outer fiber netting wall
  • Inner metal ring provided a firm support for flask
  • With separate energy regulator box
  • Operates on 230 volts

Technical specifications: 

Part  No. Size flask capacity Rating
11650-500 500 ML Cap 200 Watts
11650-1000 1000 ML Cap 300 Watts
11650-2000 2000 ML Cap 450 Watts
11650-3000 3000 ML Cap 450 Watts
11650-5000 5000 ML Cap 600 Watts

A Flexible Heating Mantle is commonly used for:

  1. Uniform Heating: Providing even and controlled heating for various vessels.
  2. Chemical Reactions: Supporting reactions that require precise and constant temperatures.
  3. Distillation: Assisting in distillation processes by maintaining consistent heating.
  4. Temperature-sensitive Materials: Ideal for heating materials that are sensitive to direct flame.
  5. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in a variety of scientific experiments and procedures.
  6. Solution Preparation: Supporting the dissolution and mixing of substances.
  7. Organic Synthesis: Used in organic chemistry for synthesis reactions.
  8. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent temperature conditions for testing and analysis.
  9. Educational Labs: Widely employed in educational institutions for teaching purposes.
  10. Efficient and Safe Heating: Providing a safer alternative to open flame heating in laboratories.
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