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12050-Seed/ Grain Counter


12050-Seed/ Grain Counter

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Seed/grain Counter
Display                                    : Seven Segment Fnd / 16×1 Line Alphanumeric Lcd
Seed Size                                : 0.5 Mm To 15mm
No Of Seeds In One Batch  : Upto 9999 Seeds / Upto 999999

Batching, Repeat And Multiple Batches Creating Facility
Bath Count       : Accurately Counts A Predetermined Number Of Seeds In A Single Batch
Repeat Batch   : Allows For The Continual Duplication Of A Single Bath Count
Multiple Batch : Batch Counts Can Be Set To Count Number Of Batches With Different Seed Counts

A seed/grain counter is a device used for quickly and accurately counting seeds or grains. In short, its primary use is for:

Efficient Counting:

  • Rapid and precise counting of seeds or grains, streamlining tasks in agriculture, research, and quality control processes.
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