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11240-Rectangular Autoclave


11240-Rectangular Autoclave

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  • Double walled inner made of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel &exterior also 304 S.S matt finish
  • High grade insulation between the chamber
  • Selection of both side door opening or single door
  • Regular DIGITAL controller or multi program PID controller having printer output
  • Equipped with pressure gauge, two safety valves, manual exhaust valve and vacuum breaker
  • Available with trays, rack and trolley

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Chamber size (WXHXD) Capacity Power rating Volt
11240-A 10”X10”X18” 1.0 CFT/30 LTRS 2.0 K.W. 230 volts
11240-B 18”X18”X24” 4.5 CFT/128 LTRS 6.0 K.W. 230 volts
11240-C 24”X24”X30” 10 CFT/285 LTRS 12.0 K.W. 440 volts
11240-D 18”X18”X24” 4.5 CFT/128 LTRS 7.5 K.W. 440 volts
11240-E 24”X24”X24” 10 CFT/285 LTRS 14.5 K.W. 440 volts

A Rectangular Autoclave is a specialized sterilization equipment with specific applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Sterilization: Utilized for sterilizing laboratory equipment, glassware, and medical instruments.
  2. Microbiology and Research: Applied in microbiological laboratories and research settings for ensuring sterile conditions.
  3. Medical and Healthcare Facilities: Found in hospitals and healthcare facilities for sterilizing medical instruments and equipment.
  4. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for sterilizing production tools and materials.
  5. Dental Practices: Found in dental clinics for sterilizing dental instruments and equipment.
  6. Veterinary Care: Applied in veterinary practices for sterilizing surgical instruments and veterinary equipment.
  7. Biotechnology: Utilized in biotechnology laboratories for maintaining sterile conditions during experiments.
  8. Quality Control: Used in industries and quality control laboratories for ensuring sterile products and materials.
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