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12370-Chest Type Freezers


12370-Chest Type Freezers

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  • Specially designed for storing of serum, vaccines pharma samples & clinical samples
  • Rugged 304 stainless steel interior & exterior G.I epoxy powder coated finish in regular model
  • Interior 316LS.S and exterior 304 S.S matt finished in GMP Model
  • Adjustable temperature control with DIGITAL indicator
  • Cfc free cooling system includes hermetically sealed compressor, fan motor and condenser
  • PUF insulation for low energy consumption
  • Magnetic gasket seal ensures door sealing with adjustable hinges to open the door as per required height
  • Various sizes for selection

Technical Specifications:

Part NO. Inner size (LX W X D) Capacity Temp. Range
12370-A 24”X18”X24” 6 CFT/170 LTRS -20 C
12370-B 30”X21”X28” 10 CFT/290 LTRS -20 C
12370-C 24”X18”X24” 6 CFT/170 LTRS -50 C
12370-D 30”X21”X28” 10 CFT/290 LTRS -50 C
12370-E 24”X18”X24” 6 CFT/170 LTRS -70 C
12370-F 30”X21”X28” 10 CFT/290 LTRS -70 C

Chest Type Freezers are specialized freezers designed for storing items at low temperatures. In short, their primary use is for:

Low-Temperature Storage:

  • Preserving biological samples, vaccines, or other temperature-sensitive materials in a chest-shaped freezer configuration, commonly used in laboratories, healthcare facilities, and research institutions.
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