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12990-Hospital Holloware


12990-Hospital Holloware

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We are offering our clients a comprehensive range of Hospital Holloware, which caters to the needs of various hospitals and medical centers. These are fabricated using premium quality stainless steel, which is completely safe and sterilized. We provide Forceps Jars, Instrument Boxes, Instrument Sterilizers and Lotion Bowls to our valued clients. We offer these products in different shapes and sizes to meet the specific demands of our clients.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Medical Instrument Storage:

  • Provides storage solutions for medical instruments in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Sterilization Containers:

  • Used as containers for sterilizing medical instruments to maintain aseptic conditions.

Procedure Trays:

  • Contains and organizes instruments and supplies for medical procedures and examinations.

Waste Disposal Containers:

  • Includes containers for the safe disposal of medical waste, promoting infection control.

Patient Care:

  • Supports patient care by providing tools for examinations, diagnostics, and minor procedures.

Instrument Trays:

  • Utilized for holding and transporting surgical instruments during procedures.

Laboratory Use:

  • Applied in laboratories for specimen collection, storage, and processing.

Autoclave Trays:

  • Serves as trays for autoclaving medical equipment to ensure sterilization.

Dressing Jars and Bowls:

  • Holds dressing materials and solutions for wound care and medical procedures.

Medical Furniture Components:

  • Constitutes parts of medical furniture, such as stands, basins, and instrument trays.
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