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13150-Hospital Ward Room Bed


13150-Hospital Ward Room Bed

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  • Deluxe Bed With Built In Backrest
  • Overall approximate size: 198 L x 90 W x 60 H cm
  • Framework made of 16 Gauge strong ERW Steel tube mounted on four rubber shoes
  • Four section 18 Gauge press bent steel top
  • Backrest section maneuvered on retched head and leg bows of stainless steel tubular pipes assembled to laminated panels
  • Four saline locations available
  • Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Patient Rest and Recovery:

  • Provides a comfortable space for patients to rest and recover in a hospital ward.

Multi-Patient Rooms:

  • Designed for use in shared patient rooms where multiple beds are present.

Routine Medical Care:

  • Supports routine medical care and monitoring of patients within a hospital setting.

Flexible Patient Accommodation:

  • Allows hospitals to accommodate multiple patients efficiently in a shared space.

Post-Surgery or Treatment:

  • Used for patients recovering from surgeries or medical treatments.

Medical Examinations:

  • Facilitates medical examinations and assessments within the hospital ward.

Adjustable Features:

  • Often equipped with adjustable features to enhance patient comfort.

Infection Control:

  • Aids in infection control practices by providing individual sleeping spaces.

Home-Like Environment:

  • Strives to create a home-like environment within the hospital for patient well-being.

Efficient Space Utilization:

  • Optimizes space in hospital wards, accommodating multiple patients in a limited area.
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