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13650-Kundts Tube

13650-Kundts Tube

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  • To determine the standing longitudinal waves in column of air and velocity of sound in air.
  • It comprises a glass tube.
  • Fitted on a wooden base board.

Kundt’s Tube is used for:

  1. Sound Wave Visualization:
    • Demonstrates Sound Waves: Illustrates the formation and patterns of sound waves in a confined medium.
  2. Acoustic Resonance:
    • Resonance Studies: Provides a platform for studying acoustic resonance and wave behavior.
  3. Frequency Measurement:
    • Frequency Determination: Allows measurement of sound frequencies in different gases or materials.
  4. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Physics Education: Used as a teaching tool to explain concepts related to sound waves and resonance.
  5. Research in Acoustics:
    • Scientific Research: Utilized in acoustics research to explore wave phenomena in various materials.
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