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Size any
Color Wooden


comprising a wooden resonance box of 114 cm length, 12.5 cm width and 10 cm height, with two rules 1 mt. long sub-divided into millimeter.

Two wires of brass and steel attached to fixed bridge and tensioned by fine adjustment pegs.

A sonometer is used for:

  1. Vibration Experiments:
    • Study of Vibrations: Demonstrates and studies the vibrations produced by strings.
  2. Frequency Measurement:
    • Frequency Analysis: Measures and explores the frequency of sound produced by strings.
  3. Wave Characteristics:
    • Wave Propagation: Illustrates wave characteristics, including wavelength and amplitude.
  4. Harmonics Exploration:
    • Harmonic Resonance: Allows investigation into harmonic resonances produced by strings.
  5. Tuning Instrument:
    • Tuning Strings: Utilized for tuning musical instruments by adjusting string tension.
  6. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Physics Education: Serves as an educational tool for teaching wave mechanics and acoustics.
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