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13690-Reflection of Sound Apparatus

13690-Reflection of Sound Apparatus

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Product Details:

Material Glass and wood
Application Laboratory


Apparatus consists of two light metal pipes with plastic funnels at their ends, other ends of pipes are mounted in such a way that the angle in between can be varied from 0-180

A Reflection of Sound Apparatus is used for:

  1. Sound Wave Reflection:
    • Demonstrates Reflection: Illustrates the principles of sound wave reflection.
  2. Acoustic Experiments:
    • Educational Tool: Used for educational demonstrations in physics and acoustics.
  3. Echo Formation:
    • Echo Simulation: Creates a controlled environment to observe the formation of echoes.
  4. Distance Measurement:
    • Measures Distance: Enables estimation of distances based on the time taken for sound waves to reflect.
  5. Reverberation Studies:
    • Studies Reverberation: Provides insights into how sound waves reflect and reverberate in enclosed spaces.
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