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13770-Ring and Ball Apparatus

13770-Ring and Ball Apparatus

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It consists of a brass ball, secured to a brass ring by a chain, with Back lite handle.

  1. Ball Dia 25 mm
  2. Ball Dia 18 mm

A Ring and Ball Apparatus is used for:

  1. Thermal Expansion Demonstrations:
    • Illustrates Thermal Expansion: Demonstrates the concept of expansion and contraction of materials with temperature changes.
  2. Coefficient of Expansion Studies:
    • Determines Coefficient of Expansion: Allows measurement and calculation of the coefficient of linear expansion.
  3. Material Properties Exploration:
    • Study of Materials: Used to explore how different materials respond to temperature variations.
  4. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Physics Education: Serves as a teaching tool for explaining thermal expansion in educational settings.
  5. Temperature Effects on Solids:
    • Effects of Heat: Illustrates how heat influences the dimensions of solids.
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