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13700-Parallogram Force Apparatus (Wall Type)

13700-Parallogram Force Apparatus (Wall Type)

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  • Size:- 50 Mm Diameter
  • Material:- Plastic Or Aluminum Pulley
  • Brand:- Esel International

A Wall-Type Parallelogram Force Apparatus is used for:

  1. Force Resolution:
    • Demonstrates Force Resolution: Illustrates the resolution of forces into components in a parallelogram configuration.
  2. Vector Addition:
    • Vector Addition Illustration: Shows how forces can be added vectorially using the parallelogram law.
  3. Equilibrium Experiments:
    • Equilibrium Demonstrations: Used in educational settings to demonstrate equilibrium conditions of forces.
  4. Force Analysis:
    • Force Component Analysis: Facilitates the analysis of forces acting at angles.
  5. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Physics Education: Serves as a teaching tool for illustrating principles of force resolution and vector addition.
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