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13790-Suppository Moulds

13790-Suppository Moulds

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Product Details:

Material Stainless Steel
Holes 6 , 8, 10
Surface Smooth

With the assistance of our deft team of professionals, we are able to introduce a broad array of Suppository Moulds. The moulds offer automatically checks on flow and collection with audio/visual alarm for high and low blood flow. This moulds set volume of blood, shows volume of blood in a bag during collection, shows blood flow that is normal, high, and low, and shows time taken for the collection of set volume of blood. Apart from this, clients can get the moulds from us at cost effective prices.
Made from brass/gun – metal, machine made perfect shapes, smooth and polished cavities, nickel plated and various capacities with a number of moulds in each set.


  • Better interface
  • Manage control
  • Easy to use

Suppository molds are used for:

  1. Pharmaceutical Production:
    • Suppository Formulation: Shapes and forms suppositories for pharmaceutical applications.
  2. Dosage Standardization:
    • Uniform Dosage: Ensures consistent and standardized suppository dosage forms.
  3. Medication Delivery:
    • Rectal Medication: Facilitates the preparation of medications for rectal administration.
  4. Quality Control:
    • Production Accuracy: Aids in maintaining precision and quality control during suppository manufacturing.
  5. Research and Development:
    • Formulation Studies: Used in the development and testing of new suppository formulations.
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