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13880-Dip Needle

13880-Dip Needle

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Product Details:

Size Any
Color Many
metal scale 125mm in dia
Steel needle 100 mm long
  • The rotating, magnetized steel needle aligns with the direction of the earth’s magnetic field when no other magnetic field is present. in its horizontal position, it can be used as a conventional compass.

    The Dip Needleis a compass pivoted to move in the plane containing the magnetic field vector of the earth. It will then show the angle which the magnetic field makes with the vertical. The needle must be accurately balanced so that only magnetic torques are exerted on it.

A Dip Needle is often abbreviated as “DN.” In a laboratory setting, it is used for:

  • Measuring the angle of dip of the Earth’s magnetic field
  • Studying and demonstrating magnetic properties of materials
  • Investigating the behavior of magnetic fields in different locations
  • Educational experiments in magnetism and geophysics
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